A Strategic Game

Crazyhouse is a chess variant where all the rules and conventions of standard chess apply, with the addition of drops, this means that a captured piece reverses color and goes to the capturing player’s reserve or pocket. At any time, instead of making a move with a piece on the board, a player can drop a piece from his reserve onto an empty square on the board.

This gameĀ is extremely tactical with a huge emphasis placed on initiative where an extra tempo or two can lead to a crushing attack, finishing the game soon with checkmate. Even a small weakness like a square around the king and only protected by him, could lead to receive a checkmate if opponent has a handful of pieces in reserve to drop with continuous checks.

Strategic Crazyhouse aims to make Crazyhouse more similar to Chess, this means making a much more strategic game, but at the same time maintain a very high level in the tactical part. This is accomplished by adding three rules governing how the drops are made:

  • Rule 1A drop move with a check is illegal
  • Rule 2Pieces (not pawns) can only be dropped from first rank to seventh rank
  • Rule 3Pawns can only be dropped from second rank to sixth rank
Some Games

Here are some blitz games played by me vs Sjeng, a chess and variants playing program which its Crazyhouse rating fluctuates around 2300 points. This engine had to be modified in order to play Stratecic Crazyhouse, these changes were mainly the three rules and the value of the pieces, which were:

  • Pawn = 1
  • Bishop/Knight = 2
  • Rook = 3
  • Queen = 5

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